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* UNDER LOCKDOWN * As you know we are experiencing some of the most craziest times in history. We want to come out of this in a good spot and want to be able to service our clients as we always have! To be able to do that we have put together three packages for you to purchase during the lockdown. Each and everyone who purchases one of these packages we will be forever grateful for and we will throw in many more extras for you- possibly for life. As without you and your support we are nothing. Thanks again in advance. And here is a spiel about us and what we do and what we can do for you after all of this is over!! Styles Highfields has grown to become your leading colour specialist salon in Highfields. We are famous for our gorgeous blondes, crazy colours and our dreadlock colouring skills. At Styles, it’s all about the vibe and comfort for you, delivering not only an exceptional service, but also by providing an relaxed & unique experience from the moment you enter the salon to feeling like you- the unique and beautiful human you are. Our motto is #happyhealthyhair and that’s what we strive for you everytime. The integrity of your hair is the number one goal that we keep at the forefront of our minds at every appointment. The #hairexperience doesn’t end in the salon, you will soon start to become your own little hair expert at home too. You will be shown what products you will need, how to style that new do & what equipment you will need. We even have a service called Your Bathroom Makeover. This is where you can just come in for a complimentary consultation with all of your at home products and equipment and we show you how to use them all correctly and why and when you need to use them. You can also do a product and equipment audit to see if what you got is what you need. Our Team of 6 wonderfully creative and talented people come together with our crazy banter and our unique skills to create your dream hair. We bounce off of each other to get different perspectives to come up with the best results for each and every one of you. Not only do we deliver awesome colouring to you but we offer so much more aswell. Our team has been selected so that each stylist has their own set of unique skills (quote from the movie Taken! 😂) Kyly- Our Master Stylist. She is exactly that. Her cutting skills are to die for! Ashlee- Our Styles Director. She is our crazy colour specialist. Sym- Our Emerging Stylist. She specialises in all formal and wedding hair. Kodi- Our Emerging Stylist. Our blonde babe who knows blondes. Sair- Our Boss. The Dreadlock girl. Harna- Our Makeup Extraordinaire. She owns Sweet Cheeks Mobile Makeup.Harna has been working with us for years and her talent is second to none. You will not be disappointed

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(07) 4615 5199


10498 New England Hwy, Highfields, Queensland, AU

[email protected]

Styles Highfields


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Quarantine Queen - $23.33 weekly

This is a package designed for you to have your hair paid for when all this quarantine and lockdown is over! It is a weekly payment of $23.33  (you can decide to do fortnightly or monthly payments but they are a little dearer if you do it that way.) to help for you to have the money when this is over to have your hair finally done & it will support us in the interim to stay open and keep Styles alive! It is based over three months.. we will include lots of extras in this package too including treatments, take home products and extra services just because you supported us in this full on time. hopefully it doesn’t last as long as three months and whatever you have paid off can come off of your hair. This package of paid in full after the three months it ensures that you can have whatever you need done and choose some products aswell. If you have some left over then you can also use that for your next appointment or keep a running balance with us so you can have whatever you need done. Thank you for all of your support! X

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Keep the Hair Dreams Alive! $200 one off payment

This is a one off payment of $200 towards keeping both of our hair dreams alive! $200 will be kept in credit to your name so that when we come out of quarantine & lockdown you will have already paid $200 off you hair appointment. This can be used for anything in the salon- product or services. We will add lots of extras for saying thank you for supporting us during this difficult time. You will also help us to keep Styles well and good over this period so we Thank you so much for all of your support! Xx

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Lockdown Hair Fund $11.66 weekly

This package is designed for you to pay off a small amount $11.33 a week off your hair so that when this quarantine & lockdown thing is over then you wouldn’t have such a large bill at the end. You may have even paid your hair off!! This is designed to help you budget during this time and it also helps us to keep our business going. We will add lots of extras to your appointment to Thank you so much for all of your support during this time & before this & after this! You are amazing! 

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