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Pikkett Street, Clontarf, QLD, AU


Keep your Reiki-Infused brow lamination (LAMI +) maintained every 8 weeks with a Reiki-Infused ARTISTRY + appointment every 4 weeks.

The most lovingly tended brows, with the therapeutic, energy-clearing benefits of Reiki - securing your special space with Nikki for 6 whole months!

Never miss your self-and-brow care again; you can thank me later!


Who needs a LAMI + package?

We do!

For clients who regularly book their 8-week Bliss Brow LAMI, with a 4-weekly ARTISTRY + appointment in the middle; for six. whole. months.

Secure your sacred space with Nikki, by booking ahead with the LAMI ARTISTRY + package.

What does it include?

- LAMI  (for further details click 'Brow Magic: Existing Clients' here and scroll down) appointment every 8 weeks, with a guided breath work meditation to close your appointment.

- an ARTISTRY + appointment (for further details, click under 'Brow magic: Existing Clients' here & scroll down to ) 4 weeks after each LAMI.

*This package is for existing clients who have already received their complimentary Nourishing Face & Body Oil at their first Brow Lamination appointment.

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