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WE SPECIALIZE IN BODY PIERCING AND ALSO OFFER BEAUTY SERVICES TO OUR CLIENTS Ipl hair removal - Spray tans - Facial & body waxing -tattoo removal - pedicure - manicure - facial - eyelash extensions- lash lift - tooth gems - microdermabrasion- skin tightening - lash & brow tinting - body piercings & body jewellery - ,giftware :

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0478 745 387


42B Church Street, Maitland, New South Wales, AU

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Small size tattoo removal 

7 weekly treatments 

$50 per session 

consultation required 

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Beauty maintance VIP pack

Monthly beauty vip pack ❤️

lay-bys system 

pay weekly or fortnightly & book in monthly to spoil yourself 

facial & body waxing- tinting - spray tans - pedicure - manicure - facials are some ideas 

we can do lay-bys system amounts to suit your needs this is just a starter.

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Microdermabrasion Magic

Microdermabrasion magic pack.

4 weekly treatments .

$89 initial treatment 

normally $99

Vip members $80 each treatment after - by paying $20 per week with salon pay 

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Nail lover

Nail lover ❤️

3 weekly infil maintance vip pack 

vip treatment - hand massage . 

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Acne treatment

Acne treatments 

2 weekly visits 

5-6 treatments needed 

$100 initial treatment ( normally $150) 

Vip salonpay discount - $80 each session after 

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Pierce me up

Lay-by your next piercing 

pre pay to make your life easy 

vip bonus - 20% off jewellery purchase at time of piercing . 

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Fresh start 🤔

Medium size tattoo removal 

7 weekly sessions 

consultation required 

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When we were young 🙄

Large tattoo removal 

7 weekly treatments 

consultation required 

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Lash queen

Lash queen 👁

3 weekly lash maintenance .

Vip member benifit : only $80 for initial full set with tint 

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Lash lift lover

Lash lift lover 

 12 weekly  appointments 

lash lift with tint 

members benefit : free eyebrow wax & tint  with each lash lift. 

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